Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Dreams That Fuel My Life

I have so many dreams in my life. I want to have a stable career and earn as much as dental hygienist salary. I want to be excellent in the career I will be in. I aim to travel the whole world. I want to be wed with someone I love and who loves me the most. Most importantly, I want to have a beautiful and happy family on my own.
Aforementioned are just some of my dreams.These dreams fuel my everyday life. I am motivated to achieve my dreams the soonest possible time. Well, marrying and having a family can be at a later time. Yet, I wanted to be successful as young as I can be. My success will be the success of my family. In fact, most of my dreams are for my family. I want a stable career for them so that I can continually help them. Once I have my family stable, perhaps, by then, I can build a family on my own.

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