Sunday, May 27, 2012

All About XRays

There is an increasing demand for mri jobs because magnetic resonance imaging is giving good imaging results for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal and neurosystem-related problems.

With more physicians requesting for magnetic resonance imaging, there is an increasing demand for radiologic technologists with MRI specialization.
X ray technologists are the most likely to cross train to MRI because they already know the basic education requirements before the actual training in MRI machine operation.

After the machine operation training, they can take the licensure examination and be qualified to handle the increasing number of MRI jobs. One of the challenges of MRI technologists is assuring patients not to be afraid while they are inside the more accurate closed type of MRI machine which is like a tube which is open on both ends. There is also an open type MRI machine which has three opening and an MRI machine that allows a patient to sit or stand while inside the machine.

In order to provide the radiologic images requested by physicians, an x ray technologist tries to establish friendly communications with the patient. But at the same time they also have to observe medical ethics like not disclosing the x ray result because they don't have the authority to do so. The authority belongs to the radiologists or to the patient's attending physician only. Through experience and exposure to the various types of images, the x ray technologist has learned to recognize what some if not most of the images mean. If the result is somewhat shocking, they must refrain from expressing their emotions.

If the patient insists on knowing the result, the x ray technologist should never give in. Maybe he can look for the radiologist and let the patient make the request to know the result. That's the best help the x ray technologist can do to the patient.

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