Monday, April 23, 2012

Look Up to My Dad

My father is the best father anyone could ever have. He is not too strict or too lenient. He knows how to handle a situation pretty well. He is nice when the situation asks for it but he can also be otherwise. He acts according to how the situation calls for it. He never failed in showing and making us feel loved and cared. I do not know how much a dental hygienist salary is, but he was able to give all material things that we needed. He never fails to meet all our needs.
It was because of the love of my father I was able to pursue my dreams of becoming a dental hygienist. His constant support and confidence in me rewarded me with a gratifying career I would have never been able to have without him.
I could never ask for another father than the one that I have. I am so thankful thatI am gifted with such a lovable, respectful, hardworking and adorable father.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strict Admission to Dental School

Enrolling in an accountancy class in our school is really hard. It has such a long list of admission and retention policies. Entering the college is even harder. It requires more than a basic dental hygienist requirements.
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For someone to be admitted in an accountancy program, he must have a good scholastic record in high school. As much as possible, he must not have any failing mark. He must also take the entrance exam and pass it will good scores. An entrance exam result lower than eighty percent will not be accepted in the college. This bar is set to ensure that only exceptional and intelligent students are admitted for the program.

Being admitted to the program is not the end of the challenge though. The student has to ensure that he consistently gets good grades. Otherwise, he will be kicked out from the college.
The admission and retention policy in our school is indeed strict.

My teeth are very important to me. I always want them clean and white. In fact, I brush at least four times a day. I also use dental floss and mouth wash. If there is someone who is vain with oral health, it would be me.
Preventive oral care is what I am aiming for. I know how painful it is to have tooth decay. I always see my older siblings in so much pain every time they have treatment for their teeth. My brother has already undergone dental implants twice. The artificial teeth look good, but I do not have any plans of having them. I will keep a natural set of teeth until I die.

I want to be enrolled in a dental hygienist school in college. I want to know more about preventive dental care. Dental health is of paramount importance to me. Hence, learning more about it will be my pleasure.