Thursday, July 28, 2011

Optometrist Schools - Compared To Other Medical Schools

A lot of to pick a career in optometry. Optometry is certainly a rewarding career and provides people the opportunity help others. There are several opportunities for optometry as the interest on this kind of doctor increases in direct proportion for the increase in the aging population. The salary level does not hurt either - optometry is one of the highest paying jobs currently.

The 1st step towards an occupation in optometry is enrolling into one on the optometry schools on the market. You will find relatively few optometry schools in the states, hence the application process is especially rigorous and competitive. It is advisable to examine in an accredited optometry school where there are now about 20 accredited schools in the usa. California provides the largest volume of optometry schools with 3 schools, accompanied by Texas with 2 optometry schools. Another states like New York, Florida, Missouri, Ohio as well as the rest boast only one school each.

Optometry school requirements can vary from practice to high school but there are particular requirements they all share. Optometry is usually a post-graduate degree normally so most optometry schools will require applicants to undertake a relevant bachelor’s degree. Schools which do not require a bachelor’s degree will want a student to possess studied in a program before applying for an optometry program for at least 3 years. A job candidate can be forced to have studies relevant subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Social Sciences. It is just a good option to get in touch together with the school of your choosing to discover their specific optometry school requirements.

Application for optometry school may be centralized which is handled by Optometry’s Centralized Application Service (OptomCAS). Application period opens in July each year. Due to the stiff competition for spots in optometry schools, it's preferable to apply well within the stipulated period. Applicants are needed to sit and pass the OAT (Optometry Admission Test) which tests academic aptitude. A fantastic familiarity with the sciences is also imperative to passing test.

The optometry degree can be a four year program. Tuition to the program can vary with regards to the school nonetheless it will vary from $11,000 12 months approximately $30,000 annually. Fees for out-of- state students are often higher. The purchase price may appear a tad steep but compared to what qualified optometrists earn, definitely worth it. Students who do not want the fees can apply for student loans.

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